Nutritional supplements are essential for a proper anti-aging programme. Few people have an optimum diet and our nutrition contains way less vitamins and minerals than a few decades ago, due to the intensive agricultural methods. This causes a widespread shortage of magnesium and selenium. On top of this, we consume much more vitamins and minerals because of chronic stress.

It has been proven that certain vitamins and minerals have a medicinal and/or preventive effect on some age-related diseases (e.g. selenium for prostate cancer, vitamin E for heart diseases).

My recommendations: start with a well-dosed multi-vitamin mineral complex, extended with extra vitamin C, vitamin E, lipoic acids, acetyl carnitine, ginkgo biloba and OPC, as the base. Depending on risk factors, hereditary conditions and blood results, these supplements might be individually adjusted.
An extensive blood test is necessary to work in a focused way and to optimize the supplements. Unfortunately, these blood tests are not reimbursed by the various health insurance funds and can vary from 75 to 500 euro. Testing the blood on Lp-PLA2 en GALECTIN-3 are hereby very important.