When you have been under stress for many years, haven’t slept enough, have eaten a lot of junk food and then you suddenly get infected with a bacteria or virus (chlamydia, mycoplasma, glandular fever, CMV, …) there’s a chance you might not recover properly. The infection then becomes chronical and gives complaints of fatigue, swollen glands, feverishness, flu-like symptoms, sleeping issues, headache, poor recovery after physical exertion etc.

Instead of tackling and suppressing the infections, I always put emphasis on strengthening the immune system, so that in time the body itself can eliminate the bacteria or the virus. You can enhance your immune system with healthy food (the Mediterranean diet) as well as sufficient exercise. It is necessary to take a properly dosed multivitamin-mineral supplement when dealing with a weakened immune system.

In plaats van te proberen de infecties aan te pakken en te onderdrukken, leg ik bij de behandeling van infecties steeds de nadruk op het versterken van het immuunsysteem, zodat het lichaam na een tijdje zelf de bacterie of het virus kan elimineren. Je kunt je immuunsysteem versterken door gezonde voeding (het mediterrane dieet) en door voldoende te bewegen. Bij een verzwakt immuunsysteem is het noodzakelijk om een goed gedoseerd multivitamine-mineralensupplement in te nemen.


A very powerful method for strengthening the immune system is the Myers’ cocktail: an infusion with a clever mix of vitamins, minerals, amino acids (customized for each patient).

A special case is Lyme disease, which is caused by the bite of an infected tick, whereby the Borrelia bacteria is passed on to humans. The bite of an infected tick can be recognised by its typical rash (a red circle with a bright centre) and it is essential to discover this early on, so that you can immediately start taking antibiotics.

However, a lot of people do get infected without ever having noticed a tick bite. If they are then infected with the Borrelia bacteria (or a co-infection like Bartonella, Ehrlichia, Babesia) and have not taken any antibiotics, and if this coincides with a weakened immune system, we enter the phase of a chronic infection. At this stage, the treatment becomes much more difficult and numerous factors must be treated simultaneously: a proper intestinal functioning, hormonal support, strengthening of the immune system, identifying possible food intolerances, a possible strain from heavy metals etc.