Even in the short term, you can bring about real spectacular changes to your cholesterol and tackle remaining risk factors of arteriosclerosis by changing your diet.

The Paleolithic diet, followed for ten days, results in a serious drop in blood pressure, blood sugar level, production of insulin, cholesterol and triglycerides.

Follow the Paleolithic diet for ten days and then switch to the Mediterranean diet, containing lots of vegetables and fruits, healthy fats (olive oil), nuts and seeds.

High doses of vitamin C lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Studies have shown that the risk of getting heart diseases decreases according to the intake of vitamin C. Recent research has confirmed that high doses of vitamin C from food protect against brain hemorrhages. Eating a lot of citrus fruits is subsequently not only important in strengthening the immune system, it is also beneficial for heart and blood vessels.

A healthy dose of vitamin C keeps the blood vessels healthy because it keeps the interior lining of blood vessels intact. This prevents the coagulation of the blood within the blood vessels, so that blood vessels remain open. If the interior lining of the blood vessels malfunctions (endothelial disfunction), the blood will coagulate faster, proteins may leak from the blood vessels and the blood vessels may contract.